I like Shanghai more every time I show friends around in town. I think it's because that the presented familiarity with these crossing streets and magnificent buildings makes me feel some sort of ownership, which largely contributes to a more general sense of establishment. 

With truth sadly being told,establishments are illusions. But once in a while, often in a more relaxed mood, he nonetheless appreciates the beauty of fantasies, as tonight on the metro back he just could not help but imagining feeling the Grecian nose and dripping lips of the handsome standing in front of him.

It's thunderstorming outside. And dull as hell inside. That is to say,  I can't believe what a disappointing weekend I have had. The Hangzhou trip was cancelled, and later the in-town one. People with promising figures came to me but turned out to be either unsophisticated or repressive. Two days of busily arraging meetings with all these unlikely ones and ended up eating alone. Couldnt concentrate on reading or anything productive.


The Oliveira film was good, great actually, but movie is no big deal. It's cool if you are producing one, watching one, however, merely fuels some interesting but could-do-without chats. I'm not sure if it is the same with respect to fictions. Maybe not because words create an isolated world governed by categories alien to perceptions whereas movies aims at a virtual reality. In movies characters walk the way real human beings walk but in fictions they 'walk'. Speaking of fictions, I reckon I had better pick up keeping notes and quotes to make every piece of reading counts.

The walk to Knowledge and Innovation Center aka. Chuangzhitiandi was good too except the phony smoking. Don't need to be addicted to realize it helps nothing and none. Stay a social smoker and drink a bit more gin and tonic. Hashtag another way to be pretensious. What a motivation to lead a life. Anyway you truthfully enjoyed the wandering in between unfinished buildings and unoccupied offices, aloof as it was. A disassociated wanderer, skeptical underneath, that would make a perfect icon for you and your kind.

Guessestimated the population of luxury goods buyers in China, which was what I felt like doing on Saturday night.It never fails to feel good when others finally undertake what you have urged to do but didnt in fear of being too showy or pushy.

Summer is taking Shanghai over. Must be nice if you are going to bars more often but you hate drinking. And, seriously, with whom?

A common day at work. There must be faster ways of visualizing slides.

I sort of surprisingly got the intern offer from ipsos consulting yesterday.The interview was half a month ago! Likely that I was not the primary candidate. Yet it's apprieciation after all isn't it? I hesitated for a while but not after long did I  write to say that I had been engaged in another internship but hoped to join the summer internship of ipsos if possible.

Working in Leo Burnett is a little bit weird till now. Neither much work nor much talk. I'm thinking of leaving by late May or early June. Better be prepared for case interview and office skills needed for summer parttime assistant at Kearny or so.

Victor Cheng says in his newsletter that networking is important for joinning consulting but I have no idea of how to get this done. Maybe I should find more in his book.